Whether you’re talking shop about a hobby, organizing a movement, or bonding over a shared passion, Subtext can help your community grow and stay connected.

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Why Subtext for Communities?

Subtext lets your audience see you as someone who is part of the community, where the exchange of information and opinions can be a conversation.

  • Say goodbye to trolls, algorithms, and big tech platforms..png
    Say goodbye to trolls and algorithms.
    Have healthier, more productive conversations. Only subscribers see your messages, and only you see their responses.
  • Create a feedback loop..png
    Create a feedback loop.
    Who knows your audience better than your actual audience? With Subtext you can gain insight and information that will improve future communications on any medium.
  • Your data isn’t held hostage..png
    Your data isn’t held hostage.
    The switching costs for changing platforms can be a pain — we’ll make your migration onto (or off of) Subtext easy. We’re in the business of empowering our hosts, not selling their data.
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