This Week in Digital Media

Most weeks we find a new person to takeover as the host of "This Week in Digital Media." The host will text 1-2 times a day M-F about their expertise in journalism/media. We try and bring in a variety of experts, so one week might be about podcasting and the next about AR or business topics. You can text back questions, etc, and maybe even host yourself one week. Our emcee is the co-founder of Subtext, David Cohn.

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Past hosts have included:

  • Jennifer Mizgata - Business Strategy Consultant
  • Justin Bank - Managing Editor, Washington Post
  • Sophie Ho - Director of Product and Insights at News Revenue Hub
  • Rusty Coats - Executive Director, Journalism Funding Partners (JFP)
  • Yuri Victor - Creative Technologist
  • Subbu Vincent - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
  • Kat Duncan - Director of Innovation at RJI
  • Pete Pachal - The Media Copilot
  • Damon Kiesow - Journalism Professor at the Univ. of Missouri
  • Peter Bittner - Founder, The Upgrade
  • The American Journalism Project - Multiple staff members
  • Ashlyn Lipori-Russie - Content Manager iNewsource
  • Mia Quagliarello - Head of Creator Community at Flipboard
  • Karolle Rabarison - Director of Communications at ONA
  • Harriet White - Sr. Product Manager Philly Inquirer
  • Christine Holbert - Audience Engagement BlueLena
  • Adam Nekola - Development and Technology, Digiday
  • Courtney Teague - Newsletter Editor for Civil Beat,
  • Niketa Roy - Host of @NewsroomRobots Podcast
  • Sonya Quick - Director of Membership & Engagement @CalMatters
  • David Clinch - Media Growth Consultant. VP Partnerships @MatherEconomics
  • Jack Marshall -
  • Jesse Hardman - Senior US Programs Advisor, Internews Network
  • Matt Rasnic - Social media producer and editor at PBS NewsHour
  • Niketa Patel - Sr Director, Executive Leadership Programs at Newmark School of Journalism
  • Nicholas Whitaker - Change and Transition Coaching
  • Esther Kezia Thorpe - Media Voices podcast
  • Simon Galperin - the Community Info Coop
  • Annie Aguiar - the Poynter Institute
  • Joe Amditis - Center for Cooperative Media
  • Kim Bui - Director of Product and Audience Innovation
  • Hannah Wise - Central Region Audience Growth & Retention Editor at McClatchy
  • Dan Oshinsky - CEO of Inbox Collective
  • Ken Romano - VP, Distribution at Stacker
  • Colleen Shalby - Reporter at the Los Angeles Times
  • Christine Schmidt - Program Associate - Democracy Fund
  • Shani Merdler - SVP Product - Minute Media
  • Anita Li - Founder of The Other Wave
  • Rodney Gibbs - Senior Director, Strategy & Innovation Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Versha Sharma - Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue
  • Niketa Patel - Senior Director of Partnerships & Platforms @ The 19th
  • Katie Hawkins-Gaar - Digital Women Leaders
  • Feli Carrique - Executive Director, News Product Alliance
  • Michaël Jarjour - Publisher Partnerships for @TwitterBlue
  • Todd Handy - Chief Digital Officer Beasley Media
  • Justin Bank - Senior Director for Digital News and Strategy
  • Emma Carew-Grovum - Founder of Kimbap Media
  • Andy Pergam - Recently of Meta
  • Carrie Brown - Engagement journalism director at @newmarkjschool at CUNY
  • Ryan Kellett - VP of Audience at Axios
  • Shawn Mooring - The Lenfest Institute
  • Tina Xiao - Strategic Partnerships at Google News Initiative
  • Mandy Jenkins - Product Director, Factal
  • Vanessa Franko - Digital Director of Entertainment and Features at SCNG
  • Mike Orren - Chief Product Officer, Dallas Morning News
  • Will Federman - Senior Director, AP News
  • Erin Millar - CEO of IndieGraf
  • Max Resnik - Documenters Network Manager at City Bureau
  • Reilly kneedler - Digital audience editor - Wick Communications
  • David Smydra - Senior Curation Lead at Twitter
  • Julia Campbell - The Meta Branded Content Project
  • Michael Liss - VP Product, NY Post
  • Andrew Losowsky - Vox Community
  • Dr. Michelle Ferrier - Troll Busters and
  • Joy Mayer - Director of Trusting News
  • Gabriel Snyder - Publisher & EIC: @offtherecordnyc Formerly: @NewRepublic , @TheAtlantic
  • Ned Berke - VP, Audience at Blue Lena
  • Penny Riordan - Director of Business Strategy and Partnerships for the Local Media Association
  • Jeremy Littau - Prof. at Lehigh University
  • Nikki Usher - Prof. at Illinois Univ., author "News for the Rich, White and Blue"
  • Gabriel Sama - Former CNET Español
  • Kevin Loker - America Press Institute
  • André Natta - Tiny News Collective, Resolve Philly
  • Christopher Wink - Publisher of Technically Media
  • Yvonne Leow - CEO @bewildercamp
  • Shannan Bowen - Executive Director @NCNewsWorks
  • Simon Owens - Tech and media journalist
  • Sara Fischer - Axios media reporter
  • Anthony DeRosa - WSJ Strategy Editor
  • Kerry Flynn - Media reporter CNN
  • Mark Stenberg - Media reporter from Adweek
  • Anita Zielina - CUNY Journalism School
  • Irving Washington - CEO of ONA
  • Hanaa' Tameez - Writer at Nieman Lab
  • Aparna Mukherjee - Digital Strategist
  • Mark Luckie - Digital Strategist
  • Jarrod Dicker - Washington Post
  • Nicole Barton - Audience at KQED
  • Matt Karolian -
  • Adriana Lacy - Senior associate for audience and growth at Axios
  • Robert Hernandez - USC professor of journalism and VR expert
  • Joseph Lichterman  - LenFest Institute
  • Khari Johnson - VentureBeat reporter on AI
  • Don Day - Founder and publisher of BoiseDev
  • JulieAnn McKellogg - Subtext audience lead and overall badass
  • Brian Morrissey - The Rebooting. Ex-president/EIC at Digiday Media


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