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Subtext is an award-winning texting platform that connects hosts with subscribers free from the chaos of social media and clutter of email.

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Join leading media organizations, artists, creators, and thought leaders who rely on us to deliver texts to their audience.

  • Using Subtext as a source for genuine inspiration and help in the video making process has been super beneficial because it’s almost like staring into a crystal ball of what our overall audience would respond positively to.
    Aiden Wall 1 Minute Talk Show
    Image of Aiden Wall
    Image of Aiden Wall
  • We’ve received so many thank-you messages from the audience telling us they feel like we’re their personal shoppers, which is how we want them to feel. Asking readers in-depth questions—who they’re shopping for and what their particular interests, ages, and needs are—allowed us to provide hyper-specific recommendations, and to get real-time feedback.
    Heather Muse Reviewed
    Image of Heather Muse
    Image of Heather Muse
  • Subtext is a great way to chat one-on-one with our readers, and so far, it's the best I've found to show readers that our journalism is worth paying for.
    Sarah Blaskovich Dallas Morning News
    Image of Sarah Blaskovich
    Image of Sarah Blaskovich

Why Subtext?

Subtext is an award-winning text communication platform that empowers users to own the relationship with their audience. Here are just some of the reasons people use Subtext to talk to their audience.

  • Say goodbye to trolls, algorithms, and big tech platforms..png
    Say goodbye to trolls, algorithms, and big tech platforms.
    Have healthier, more productive conversations. Only subscribers see your messages, and only you see their responses.
  • Create an exclusive community for your most loyal fans..png
    Create an exclusive community for your most loyal fans.
    Give your supporters the chance to privately ask you questions, and gain insight into what your audience really wants.
  • Immediate and reliable communication at scale..png
    Immediate and reliable communication at scale.
    With an over 90% open rate, rest assured your message will reach your audience. Most texts are read within the first ten minutes.
  • Privacy for you and your subscribers..png
    Privacy for you and your subscribers.
    We don’t sell your data, you own it.
  • Earn revenue and retain your audience..png
    Earn revenue and retain your audience.
    You can monetize your campaign through a stand-alone subscription or add it to an existing membership bundle.

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