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Text from Gabby Vukelic from Newsday, host of Tracking the Coronavirus

Text from Gabby Vukelic from Newsday, host of "Tracking the Coronavirus"

Good morning, It’s Gabby from Newsday. Last week I texted you all asking who is planning to drive upstate to get their vaccine. Thanks to everyone who replied - we did a story on this featuring some of you guys so give it a read. Stay safe and warm today! https//

Aiden Wall, host of "1MTS INSTANT UPDATES"

Text from Aiden Wall, host of "1MTS

How is everyone DOING this fine TUESDAY!!! Ya'll wanna see what the first minute of an episode might look like BEFORE we cut it down to a minute??

Well, do I have the treat for you. Link to follow for an EXCLUSIVE Subtext UNCUT Episode!!!

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"Subtext is a great way to chat one-on-one with our readers, and so far, it's the best I've found to show readers that our journalism is worth paying for."

Sarah Blaskovich

Restaurant News, Dallas Morning News

"We’ve received so many thank-you messages from the audience telling us they feel like we’re their personal shoppers, which is how we want them to feel. Asking readers in-depth questions—who they’re shopping for and what their particular interests, ages, and needs are—allowed us to provide hyper-specific recommendations, and to get real-time feedback."

Heather Muse

Here’s The Deal with Reviewed