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Text from Eric Burris, host of "Talkin’ weather"

Text from Eric Burris, host of
"Talkin’ weather"

Hey- Just wanted to be sure you knew that a Tornado Watch was just posted for our northern areas until midnight- and is no surprise. This is just the start of the advisories we shall see. REMEMBER, a watch means that conditions are favorable for tornado development, and is just a part of the ‘heads up’ process. We shall see how the line is as it approaches.

Shannon Sarna, host of "The Nosher’s Jewish Holiday Food Hotline"

Text from Shannon Sarna, host of
"The Nosher’s Jewish Holiday Food Hotline"

Hi! One question I get a lot is which flour to use in latkes. I prefer using unbleached all-purpose flour, I think it’s a better binder. But you can also use matzah meal. For those looking for a gluten-free option, you can certainly use an all-purpose gluten-free flour mix or almond flour. Ok, good luck frying! --Shannon

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“Too often the feeling on social media is negative and deflating; the text group has provided the other extreme in a good way.”

Chad Leistikow, Host

Small Talk about the Hawkeyes

“The insider information that Chad provided during the free text group was fantastic. But what was especially convenient was the fact that his texts always came thru in Kinnick when Twitter would never load in or around the stadium!”

Austin, Subscriber

Small Talk about the Hawkeyes