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Shannon Sarna

The Nosher’s Jewish Holiday Food Hotline


Is there a trick to making fluffy matzah balls? What can you serve for Shabbat dinner when you are short on time? What is the best way to make hamantaschen that don't leak when you bake them? The Nosher’s Shannon Sarna will answer your Jewish holiday food and cooking questions via text.

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How It Works

  1. Subscribe to "The Nosher's Jewish Holiday Food Hotline" by entering your phone number. Standard text messaging fees apply.
  2. Shannon will text you with biweekly cooking tips and recipes to make those Shabbat dinners extra special. And she'll ramp up her recommendations around the major holidays.
  3. You can ask us questions directly by texting back at anytime.
  4. Shannon will answer as many of your questions as possible as soon as we can.