Kevin Texts Fans of RISK!

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Hey folks, this is Kevin! I'm thrilled to announce this new service we're offering where you can receive texts on your phone directly from me, and if you text me back, only I will see what you're saying (it's not a group text when you reply). I won't be able to reply to every text I get from a fan, but I'll do my best to reply to as many as I can!

I've mentioned on RISK! before how I love texting. Well, here is a way that I can share random thoughts about storytelling techniques, feelings about our latest episodes, tidbits about what's going on with our staff, our storytellers, and our brainstorming. It's a place where I can be as intimate and revealing with fans of the show as I might not think to do when I'm busy announcing what story is coming up next on the episodes themselves.

I'm excited to be connected to RISK! listeners in this dynamic new way!

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Will my question(s) actually be answered by the host?

Our hosts do their best to answer you directly. With many subscribers though, it’s not always possible to respond to every question. You may find that your question is addressed by the host in a text to all subscribers, as other subscribers were asking the same question. Great minds think alike!

Can other subscribers see my texts?

Nope. This is not a group chat. Only the host will see messages you send to them. Your conversation is strictly between you and the host.

How often will the host text?

It’s totally up to them and varies greatly by host. Feel free to text them directly and let them know if you want to hear from them more or less.

How do I cancel?

You can text STOP at any time to end all text messages and any associated charges.

Does Subtext sell any data collected?

No way. Subtext is not a data business. Subtext has no intention of selling any user data.

What if I have other questions?

We got you. Email us: