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Whether you’re breaking news, engaging your audience or retaining loyal subscribers, Subtext is an effective tool to accomplish the goals of any successful media organization today. Whatever you’re covering, text can enhance the experience and maximize your impact.

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Why Subtext for News?

Subtext can be used to generate new revenue, reduce churn of existing subscribers, or engage the general public with your reporting.

  • The news doesn’t have to be impersonal..png
    The news doesn’t have to be impersonal.
    Connect with your subscribers about how the news you report on affects their lives. Listen to their questions and stories to inspire future reporting.
  • Texting is good business..png
    Texting is good business.
    Subtext can turn your audience into a loyal subscriber base. Whether you use the platform to drive traffic, convert digital subscribers, or retain existing members, Subtext can help you reach your revenue goals.
  • If you want to be heard, use text..png
    If you want to be heard, use text.
    98% of U.S. adults text, reaching every demographic. More importantly, text has a 98% open rate with a click through rate 3 times better than push notifications.
  • An accessible audience..png
    An accessible audience.
    SMS delivery doesn’t require internet access, which means you can deliver informative and timely updates to your audience, anytime.
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