SMS Sports Marketing Platform

Whether you’re an athlete, team or league, hosting a sporting event, or sharing betting advice, Subtext lets you use SMS channels to send sports texts and bring your audience of passionate sports fans right into the game.

Sports Campaigns

Why Subtext for Sports?

Subtext can help you increase sports fan engagement, drive new revenue and create unique experiences for fans.

  • Create an insider experience..png
    Create an insider experience.
    Make your subscribers feel like insiders. The personal touch of text with real-time updates, expert analysis, and exclusive behind-the-scenes reports lets you deliver an insider experience for sports fans.
  • Monetize your fan base..png
    Monetize your fan base.
    Set a price for subscriptions to your campaigns so you can enjoy a recurring monthly revenue stream without compromising your artistic vision.
  • Drive ticket and merchandise sales.png
    Drive ticket and merchandise sales
    Subtext allows you to drive meaningful sales by marketing directly to your biggest fans. Provide early access to season tickets and links for exclusive merchandise drops.
  • You don’t need public spats for engagement..png
    You don’t need public spats for engagement.
    Benefit from having 1-on-1 conversations with your Subtext subscribers. This way, passionate fans with strong opinions won’t turn heated discussions into public spectacles. You might even be reminded that they’re fans just like you.
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