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Whether you’re a brand, agency, or events company, Subtext lets you instantly reach and market to your most engaged consumers. Texting with your audience is the perfect way to turn casual consumers into brand evangelists.

Marketing & Commerce Campaigns

Why Subtext for Marketers?

With a 95% open rate and 20% click through rate, your Subtext campaign will be an owned channel that gives you direct access to your most engaged audiences.

  • Learn More About Your Consumers.png
    Learn more about your consumers.
    Collect zero party consumer-declared data. With easy to use audience tags and segmented messages, you can send targeted texts to select groups of subscribers based on their preferences.
  • Personify Your Brand.png
    Personify your brand.
    Engage with your audience in a space reserved for people they trust. By engaging with them over text, you build trust and community.
  • If you want to be heard, use text..png
    If you want to be heard, use text.
    98% of U.S. adults text, reaching every demographic. More importantly, text has a 98% open rate with a click through rate 3 times better than push notifications.
  • Subtext Works Around Your Schedule.png
    Subtext works around your schedule.
    Managing multiple social channels is tough. Subtext makes texting your audience simple. Plan out your content with scheduled broadcasts, or send messages instantly.
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