Marketing & Commerce

Whether you create curated guides, write product reviews, or earn revenue through affiliate marketing, Subtext is a great way to connect with a targeted audience and get them to make informed purchases.

Marketing & Commerce Campaigns

Why Subtext for Marketing?

Subtext lets you build connections with your audience in the same space where they already text with their most trusted friends and family. Our messages have a better open rate than email and social, ensuring that you reach people where they make their most important purchasing decisions.

  • Super simple signup..png
    Super simple signup.
    Subscribers can sign up to your campaign using your campaign number, your custom landing page, or a white-labeled embed on your own site. You can also just import subscribers right into your campaign.
  • Build genuine relationships..png
    Build genuine relationships.
    Texting with Subtext isn’t your typical one-way transactional marketing experience. Field specific questions from subscribers and get to know their particular interests and needs.
  • If you want to be heard, use text..png
    If you want to be heard, use text.
    98% of U.S. adults text, reaching every demographic. More importantly, text has a 90% open rate with a click through rate 3 times better than push notifications.
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