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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have any examples?

Absolutely. Check out our case studies here.

I'm currently using a different texting platform. Is it easy to switch to Subtext?

We make it very easy for you! Learn how here.

When a subscriber replies to a host's text, will that reply be visible to all subscribers?

Nope. Only you, the host, will see that subscriber's reply and can choose whether to respond directly to them.

How does Subtext content differ from what is published on Twitter?

Think of it as a text conversation you might have with friends who are looking for advice, information or guidance on a topic you're an expert on.

Can this be integrated into my existing membership program?


Does Subtext sell any data collected?

No way. Subtext is not a data business. Subtext has no intention of selling any user data.

What if subscribers want to cancel?

A subscriber can simply text "STOP" at anytime to end messages and any related billing. We handle all of the technical legwork for subscribers canceling, changing credit cards, opting out, etc., so our hosts can focus on connecting with their biggest fans.

Who started Subtext?

Subtext was founded in 2018 by Advance Local’s in-house media and tech incubator, the Alpha Group.

Does Subtext have any open roles available on their team?

Check out our careers page to see our open positions.