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Whether you text from Community, Attentive or anywhere else, we make switching to Subtext seamless so your campaigns are more effective.

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Why switch to Subtext?

Subtext is the only texting provider that gives you the ability to generate revenue on the platform, exclusive ownership of your subscriber data, cross-platform integrations, full white labeling and customizable landing pages, and flexible payment options.

  • All your top fans in one place..png
    All your top fans in one place.
    With Subtext, you own your audience. Reach your subscribers with a mass text or personal 1-on-1 convos. Nix the trolls and algorithms with targeted messages based on subscriber location and interests.
  • Increase your bandwidth..png
    Increase your bandwidth.
    Send a text in as much time as it takes to tweet, without having to waste your day combing through replies and comments. Hear from your subscribers in minutes, so you can address their feedback immediately.
  • You don't need another app..png
    You don't need another app.
    Manage everything from your favorite mobile browser, or save Subtext as a web app to your phone for easy access to your dashboard.
  • Monetization made easy..png
    Monetization made easy.
    Create a paid campaign to earn recurring revenue or add Subtext as an exclusive perk of an existing membership community. Or, simply start a free campaign to sell merch, promote an event, or find sponsorships.
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