Thought Leaders

Whether you’re sharing a fleeting thought, an exclusive article, or an industry tip, Subtext lets you connect directly with your audience without the influence of trolls and algorithms.

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Why Subtext for Thought Leaders?

With Subtext you get your own secure channel to have a dialog with your audience. Experience genuine conversations that inspire both you and your audience.

  • No more social performances..png
    No more social performances.
    Avoid echo chambers and embrace the different opinions of your subscribers. Engage them without worrying about generating likes and follows. Just honest talk.
  • Subtext works around your schedule..png
    Subtext works around your schedule.
    Managing multiple social channels is tough. Subtext makes texting your audience simple. Plan out your content with scheduled broadcasts, or send messages instantly.
  • Retain your audience through text..png
    Retain your audience through text.
    Offer Subtext as a stand-alone subscription or as a perk of an existing membership program. Either way, texting will keep your audience engaged and appreciating the value of your work.
  • Give your audience more of what they want..png
    Give your audience more of what they want.
    With easy to use audience tags and segmented messages, you can send targeted texts to select groups of subscribers based on their preferences.
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